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TenaZ is a scientifically designed program, based on "Nutri-Genetics". Your genetic make-up affects the way your body stores fat. This is why we use the location of your unwanted fat deposits as a guide to determine your personal TenaZ Weight Control program.

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If you need help:
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2. Chronic Medication?

3. Weight assessment:

4. Do you have a healthy Metabolism?

If you answered yes to the first 2 questions, you need our Metabolic Repair Kit to kick start or speed up your weight loss results. Lose weight fast!
  • The Good Morning Capsule speeds up your day metabolism and breaks your body fat down.
  • The Good Night Capsule balances your nocturnal hormones. This build lean muscle tone and healthy cells while you have improved deep sleep. (Lose weight while you sleep)

5. Do you need our Detox?


Good liver function is vital for a healthy immune system, good health and ultimate fat burning. When your liver breaks down your fat, it gets more toxic. A toxic or fatty liver slows down weight loss.


You will battle and even might very get food cravings and feel extremely tired while trying to lose weight.

Alcohol makes your liver toxic and blocks the metabolism of fat.
  • When on this program; men can have two drinks and women one per day.
  • Do not binge or save your daily drinks for one day and then overindulge.
  • For best results, avoid from alcohol.
 If you answered yes to these questions, you need our Detox

6. Choose your Personal Fat Attack

A. Top Fat:
If all your Fat is concentrated above your belly button, in your upper body. Men usually have a big, hard beer belly. Ladies look pregnant and might have a fat roll under their breasts – called a liver roll. You will have slim sexy calves. Slim arms and no unwanted fat on your bum. You will have a perfect body from the back. The only fat you have is your big hard belly! This shape is generally referred to as the apple shape figure!
B. Bottom Fat:
If all your fat is concentrated below your belly button, in your lower body. You might have a big fat unwanted bum and a little pouch. Most of your weight is concentrated in the upper legs. You might have saddlebags; you may even have unwanted cellulite. This specific shape is generally referred to as the pear shape.
C. All Over:
You have more than 15kg to lose – you might have a double chin, fat flabby arms, big fat sagging breasts, a fat soft hanging stomach, a huge bum, massive legs even your feet can be swollen and fat. You are fat from top to toe!
Which Fat Attack do you need:

7. Do you need our Stress Fat Capsule?

Tick what applies to you:
Do you crave any of the following: (tick for yes):
Cure the cause of your weight problem:
  • Pollution, dieting, preservatives, MSG, daily stress and emotional trauma may lead to too much adrenaline being produced by your body. Too much adrenaline leads to too much cortisol. Cortisol blocks your liver from burning fat, giving you love handles and a pendulous stomach.
  • Use our Stress Capsule and Detox for ultimate weight loss results.

8. Food Intake

Take back control - stop overeating and having unhealthy meals. Our TenaZ Meal has Only 51 Calories per serving!
Diet food is very expensive and not always what you think it is.
  • Due to modern farming and genetic modification of seeds, food nowadays makes weight control much more complicated than before.
  • Most foods contain hidden sugars and salt and the worst of all - NO Digestive Enzymes. The digestive enzymes have been eliminated to increase the shelf-life of food.
  • Today`s modern foods and an unhealthy lifestyle can create obesity and chronic lifestyle diseases like cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.
TenaZ is the only NUTRICEUTICAL Meal Replacement you can TRUST.
  • TenaZ is pure cell food.
  • 100% Natural and is safe to use and has no side effects.
  • It contains no chemicals, by-products, preservatives or any MSG.
  • The pure amino acids control blood sugar levels.
  • The butter fatty acids control hunger.
  • To lose weight - Simply replace 2 meals a day.
  • To sustain weight loss - Simply replace 1 meal a day.
 The “No Thank You!” Capsule - If you battle with cravings and have a sweet tooth or if you are an emotional overeater, please add “No Thank You”! to your program.
If you agree with most of the below questions, you definitely need our TenaZ Meal and No Thank You Capsule to help you to take back control. We have the Macho Man and Bikini Body Shake as a second meal replacement for extra muscle tone, anti-aging, body toning and hunger control.

With our unique model of Telephonic Consulting Services, Online Purchasing and Delivery to your Doorstep, TenaZ is now able to provide the same standard of service to all our customers, worldwide.

We will contact you soon. If you feel the urge to be helped immediately, please phone 0639621888 now, we are open from 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday. Saturdays from 7am to 1pm. If you know what you need, you can now order
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Enjoy your Body Transformation.

Sanet Mc Adam & The TenaZ Team